Established in 1980 by the Australian Government as an arts support program, Artbank is the largest buyer of contemporary Australian art in the country. Artbank promotes Australian culture and the enjoyment of living with Australian art by making the collection available for rent and reinvesting its revenues back in to the collection. Artbank encountered Ms Wolf’s work during her 2009 solo exhibition, Love for Pluto at Mori Gallery, Sydney. We were very impressed with the works in the exhibition, not only for their imaginative use of materials – which were predominantly found and recycled – but also the resolution of the artist’s ideas and coherency of the exhibition as a whole. Several works were under consideration by Artbank for some weeks with the Director, Senior Curator and Assistant Curator, all visiting the exhibition to assess the work and its suitability for the collection. While the final decision made was to not purchase the works, this was primarily due to fragile nature of the work which is problematic for a moveable collection that is exhibited in public spaces. Artbank believes that Ms Wolf has great creative potential and strongly supports her further developing her skills as a practising artist and her professional development. Yours sincerely, Geoffrey Cassidy Director Art Bank Australia www.artbank.gov.au
 Alli is a writer I believe to be of exceptional character and who possesses a unique and irrepressible talent. I have worked in both professional and independent theatre sectors for over to ten years both within Australia and North America. For the last six years I have been devoted to showcasing and developing Australia’s playwrights and their work as the Artistic Director of Brand Spanking New: a celebration of new Australian Writing based at the New Theatre Sydney, the creator and co-ordinator of Queen Street Studio’s Off The Shelf residency- a hothouse for new Australian scripts by emerging writers and as the Creative Producer of Stories from the 428. I am a devoted participant in the performing arts community and regularly write reviews and arts commentary addressing the deficiencies and celebrating the successes of the independent theatre sector. I am respected for my staunch work ethic, my passion for the arts and my ability to spot and nurture up-and-coming talent. I first encountered Alli’s writing in 2009 when I attended a script-in-hand reading of The Hideous Demise of Detective Slate at Penguin Plays Rough. The script was performed to a room overflowing with appreciative punters and artists who had been following her episodic radio play for some months. It was fast, funny and spoke directly to an audience who recognised it’s plethora of noir genre references and delighted in its imaginative flights of fancy. Sometime later, in 2010, Alli applied with director Jane Grimley for Off the Shelf and Into the Fringe – a program specifically designed to give some time and space to the development of new work heading into production. I did not hesitate in selecting The Hideous Demise of Detective Slate for the residency and to be directly programmed as a part of The Boiler Room Series at the Factory Theatre. Though out the process of writing, development, rehearsal and production, Alli was ever vigilant, professional, friendly, easy to work with, hilarious and deeply invested in her writing. After a room full of enthusiastic feedback from industry and peers at Off the Shelf, Alli continued to work on the script and the resulting production was critically acclaimed, played to sold-out houses and won the Sydney Airport Excellence in New Theatre Award at the Sydney Fringe . It has since been produced as a radio play by fBi Radio. Despite the workload and distractions of working on The Sydney Fringe, Alli submitted to Brand Spanking New 2010 with a new play called “The Importance of Being Earnest Dragons.” Paired with director Scarlet McGlynn, Alli created a whole new look at the world and appetite of dragons. Not only did she write the script but create the dragon costumes. A witty, weird, wonderful and unexpected parody ensued which was well received by critics and public alike. Alli’s writing is highly crafted. She has a gift of finding the unexpected and the unusual and normalising it into narrative. She riffs on ideas and words and characters building story whilst also weaving through the story witty observations and sharp barbs. As an artist she is rigorous, passionate and prolific. She writes to specifications without compromising the quality and integrity of her work. Ever collegiate, she works well with actors, dramaturges and directors – and is ever focused on creating work which is complex, interesting and always entertaining. She is a generous, intelligent and congenial artist whom I have no hesitation recommending. I am absolutely confident that Alli’s unique voice, professionalism, passion and imagination will add a very special dynamic to the mix of writers of Australia. Sincerely, Augusta Supple www.augustasupple.com
 Alli exhibited Love song for Pluto in 2009 at Mori Gallery. She works with everyday blue milk crates and recycled materials she finds on the street. An example of her work is a little house on a base of palm branches lit with LEDs, with the title of Love in a new house in a old open pit mine downwind from the refinery, which is a beautiful play on words and objects. The exhibition generated a good audience with many people coming back to have a second look and works selling well. Alli produced an art zine/catalogue for this exhibition that to me was an artwork in itself. I worked with Alli in Rozelle Hospital in 2007/8. Alli facilitated art therapy workshops, her projects were sensitively realised with her materials. She had exciting ideas and she heart felt empathy for the clients. Alli Sebastian Wolf is a humanitarian and one of the most talented artists I have met and worked with. She also writes, directs and performs theatre. Alli works extremely hard and is an insight in these tough times. I hope to continue showing her work in the future. Kind Regards, Steven Mori Director Mori Gallery
 Queen Street Studio has supported Alli on a number of occasions through our writers and directors professional development programs (Play Me 2011, Off The Shelf 2010). She is a fantastic artist, who is committed vibrant and incredibly passionate about her craft. She currently has two projects that she is writing as well as an inventive visual arts practice. I strongly support her being given any opportunity that will allow her to immerse herself in in her work and highly recommend her as an artist and creative collaborator. Warm Regards, Samantha Chester Director Programs Queen Street Studio www.queenstreetstudio.com
 In my capacity as Manger Arts and Culture, Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival, I have had the pleasure to present Alli’s work at the Festival for three years. Presenting new work each year since 2009, Alli’s performance collective, Deep Sea Astronauts, bring increasingly ambitious projects. This year, they performed a very successful work on the main theatre stage, plus two roving performance works: a bubble playing marching band and a giant musician chasing eel. These acts delighted our audiences of young and old with their colour, humour and energy. Alli’s passion for her work and the artists in her troupe has lead to adventurous and dynamic work – combining art forms and making excellent use of the festival spaces. Her work has been an important part of the cultural festival atmosphere, setting the vibe for creativity and inspiration. Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival has a history in spotting and supporting outstanding talent, and it has been wonderful to be part of Alli’s growth. Alli has been a pleasure to work with; reliable, enthusiastic and relaxed despite managing up to 30 performers rotating through four shows a day - an excellent leader and collaborator. I urge you to accept Alli Sebastian Wolf for your programs. She is a very talented and hard working young artist who will not only benefit greatly from any experience, but also credit your institution through her involvement. As a freelance producer and in my role as Manager Arts and Culture, Peats Ridge Festival, I do not hesitate in providing this recommendation. Yours sincerely, Victoria Johnstone Manager Arts and Culture Peats Ridge Festival www.peatsridgefestival.com.au
 Alli Sebastian Wolf was an inaugural CAL Western Sydney Writers' Fellow in 2011. These Fellowships, facilitated by WestWords, attracted more than 60 applications from across Australia, with Ms Wolf one of three successful applicants. The assessment panel, made up of experts from the fields of writing, education and cultural programs through public libraries, was impressed both with Ms Wolf's talent as a writer of an innovative and highly entertaining radio play (the work for which she received the Fellowship), but also the thoughtful detail with which she prepared her proposal for a workshop program with young people (one of the conditions of her Fellowship). Ms Wolf proved to be a skilled and engaging workshop leader who communicates well with people of all ages. Ms Wolf delivered a four workshop program with Year 6 students at a school in western Sydney, where the children learnt about the craft of writing radio plays. Her delivery of instruction, both in written and verbal forms, was clear and easy to follow, and she had a warm and respective manner with the children. The children learnt not just about creating character and narrative, but also the specific elements of writing for audio-only per- formance. A final session with the students, coordinated by Ms Wolf, brought two professional actors to the school to perform and record the students work. We look forward to working with Ms Wolf in the future on a range of creative writing projects and have no hesitation in recommending her as a highly skilled and engaging workshop facilitator, and a writer of great imagination, originality and skill. Yours Sincerely, Judith Ridge Project Officer West Words www.westwords.com.au
 I am a staff writer for Art(e)fact, an online magazine dedicated to showcasing up-and-coming Australian artists and advocating non mainstream contemporary art issues. I reviewed the first major exhibition for Alii Sebastian Wolf, 'A Love Song for Pluto', in August 2009 and decided that this was a young Sydney multimedia artist to watch out for. So, I interviewed Wolf as part of Art(e)fact's "Ordinary to Extraordinary" issue, an apt choice as in the exhibition Wolf transformed everyday objects, such as egg cartons, wine glasses, book spines and plastic toys into fantastical 3D worlds. The whimsical pieces attest to the variety of Wolfs inspiration. Wolf's resume is impressive for a 23 year old: she has studied at NIDA, SCA, AFTRS and NSCAD (Canada), published fiction, and has exhibited, performed and undertaken residencies across Australia and in Canada. I found her an inventive artist and writer, who in the interview displayed a broad understanding of contemporary art as well as a resourceful approach to her practices. Wolf's breadth of influence and dedication to the various creative pursuits she engages in suggests that given the opportunity she will continue to thrive in and contribute to the artistic community. Kind Regards, Kate Robertson Features Writer ART(e)FACT Magazine www.artefactmagazine.net