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Deep Sea Astronauts

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I am the creative director (lead costume maker and playwright) of performance troupe Deep Sea Astronauts, a collective of artists, musicians, performers and vagabonds who make performances for theatres and festivals.

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The Glitoris

                           and Clitorati

More information on the artwork that went viral on this page.

Selected Publications

Big Magazine Feature Artist


The Art Of Falling issue, 2015


 Their ethos is about bridging the gaps between professional artist practice and kid’s art, so I worked in collaboration with Brendan (age 5) and Amy (age 9). We created monster creatures inspired by things we found on bush walks, which I placed into painterly ethereal dreamscapes.
Major Playwriting Productions

The Hideous Demise


Detective Slate


Co-production with The Deconverters

Jane Grimley Director

Metro Theatre, Sydney Fringe Festival

5 Part Radio Serial, fbi Radio





Best New Theatre




Available on iTunes


'The Hideous Demise of Detective Slate is more than just a fringe show. It’s busting out of its restraints with a sexy, yet seedy… and yet still very sexy performance....The story (written by Alli Sebastian Wolf) is a jaunty, satirical adventure that seems bigger than the genre itself. Add larger-than-life characters plus a break-neck pacing, and the atmosphere is one where the characters have fallen straight from the radio. “Alli has turned the genre on its head so many times, you don’t know which way is up,” explains director, Jane Grimley. “It feels like they might even turn around and implicate the musicians… or even you!”

The AU Review

The Importance of Being Ernest Dragons And Other Classic Tales As Told An Octopus


Co-production with Tin Shed Theatre Company

Scarlet McGlynn Director

Old Fitzroy Theatre

February-March 2012




‘Has me in constant fits of laughter. The tales themselves explode onto the stage as The Importance of Being Earnest,Phaedra and Dante’s Inferno now brim with dragons, ghetto smack talk, glam rock music and countless other references to popular culture. The intertwining of these references with the classic texts is very funny.’

The Brag



‘This is a must see production, you just have to see it to believe it, you don't need to take any hallucinogens before you go it is all there - werid, wonderful and wacky! If you are stressed at the moment this is a good cure, it takes you to another world where you can escape and indulge in a piece of fantasy… you won't believe it and it will keep you smiling for days!’

What's On Sydney


Multi-platform artwork Under Your Feet was shortlisted for the Chippendale New World Art Prize, and exhibited at NG Art Gallery, Sydney. Using your phone you could follow QR codes hidden through the artwork to uncover the story of The Future City through music, story and map.

KumKum -in development- KumKum is a multiArtform Dance collaboration Drawing on traditional dance and storytelling Ragav Handa (choreography/dance), Jacqui Mills (projection art) and Alli Sebastian Wolf (storytelling/music) are using new media and modern thinking to create creation stories for today. KumKum is a cutting edge dance exploration piece in development – finding a place of synthesis between the old and the new, a hybrid between our separate art forms, and expressing that in vibrant multimedia dance performances. KumKum was initiated through Freshly Squeezed, Stage Juices development residency at UNSW and PACT Centre for Emerging Artists. It has since undergone a residency at Critical Path, and a showcase at the National Dance Forum

Ampersand Magazine

Diorama Series for Issue Three: The Fade, 2011–-the-fade/

Home Brew Festival


A festival of micro performances produced by Tamarama Rock Surfers.

I created the décor which turned the Old Fitzroy Hotel, Woolloomooloo, Sydney, into a magical forest which the audience wandered though to discover performances tucked under trees made of ribbons or have a drink beside the luminous antique book toadstools.

It was so well received the pub requested much of the décor remain permanently.


interactive / audience-made works


A Good Way To Say Goodbye, for FBI Radio’s Choose Your Own Adventure Festival 2010, was a small scale Viking longboat made of cardboard to which the festivalgoers could contribute things they were ready to let go of.


Festival Self Portrait, for Peats Ridge Festival 2010, was an archway of empty landscapes which filled over the three days as people added creatures, spaceships, buildings and flora they made whilst watching the main stage from the shelter of my butterfly covered umbrella craft area.


Both were designed to fit the different spaces, needs and time flows of those festivals and were for some people (including the arts directors) the highlight of their time there – safe spaces they kept returning to and using as a social hub.

Love Song For Pluto

A junkyard culture-mash tribute to our beloved former planet.


Solo Exhibition at Mori Gallery, Sydney in 2009

Recycled materials transformed in to self lit dioramas, set into milk crates, with an accomaniying 15m  story work.


'Alli's approach is definitely on the side of cultural renegade ... This is a world of pure play but Alli is careful to make clear that, 'Poetry and critique of the world can sneak under the radar like that.'

Groucho Marx's nipples are in evidence, alongside references to Quixote and the Bayeux Tapestry in a 15m frieze that visually represents all the landscapes in Alli's head a love song to fantasy.'

Angela Bennett

Concrete Playground

Captain Skywolf’s Deep Space Menagerie


The first public showing of this historic collection; a selection of Victorian Era deep space explorer Captian Skywolf's private acquisitions from across the universe.


Exhibition as part of Scapes, at 69 Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne, for Midsumma Festival 2010


'These hanging works were nothing short of amazing, extremely intricate works each had their own detailed scenes hanging ornately from the ceiling. I would encourage as many people to check them out - I was pretty impressed.'



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